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MRI vs. Radiology Technologist: Key Differences

MRI Technologist

Are you familiar with the differences between MRI vs. Radiology Technologists? You can read about it here in this brief overview. In 2019, there have been over 219,000 MRI and radiology technologists in the United States. And studies show that that number is expected to grow over the years. So, for those considering a career in this field, becoming a … Read more

How to Become an MRI Technologist

MRI Tech

Being an MRI Technician is a great career option in the medical field. It is also a growing field with great job opportunities and lucrative salaries. Are you interested in MRI Certification or MRI training? Keep reading to learn about the requirements to become an MRI technologist. What Does an MRI Technologist Do? MRIs, also known as … Read more

How To Become An X-Ray Technologist

X-Ray Technician

Have you ever considered becoming a radiology technologist? This career is an excellent one. If this position sounds completely unfamiliar to you, you may know it better by its more common names: x-ray tech or rad tech. Radiology technologists work in the health care field and work directly with the patients they serve. They take … Read more